The Green Door Web Series

It's an exciting (and confusing, and scary, and wonderful) time to be alive! With everything that's going on in the community and wider world today, our kids and parents sometimes need creative and fun ways to make sense of it all.

Our new web-series The Green Door introduces you to our resident puppets, Barley the dog and Nosebag the dragon, who are on a journey of making sense of the world and the coronavirus situation day by day, alongside our Lay Pastor Jenni Feheley. New episodes coming out each week! Follow our Facebook page

@StMichaelonStClair for updates.

Contact Barley, Nosebag, and Jenni at to send in pictures of your fabulous arts and crafts, ask questions, share ideas, and more!


The Green Door Episode 1

In our FIRST episode (yay!!), we introduce you to Barley and Nosebag, our resident puppets who are a little confused about what's going on with the coronavirus in our neighbourhood, and talk to our Lay Pastor to try to understand it all.

More episodes coming this week! Check back soon. 


The Green Door Episode 2

Episode 2 sees Barley and Nosebag go for a shamrock walk for St Patrick's day and learn about some of the difficult changes in the community this week.


The Green Door Episode 3

Barley and Nosebag bake cookies! How do puppets bake with such tiny arms? Watch and find out! Lay pastor Jenni may have had a hand in it...


The Green Door Episode 4

Fabulous Fridays and self-isolation: Barley and Nosebag explore what it means to be in self-isolation, and find ways to keep their spirits up with Fabulous Fridays activities.

You can sign up for delivery of your very own Fabulous Fridays activity kit by emailing us at!


The Green Door Episode 5: Grandma's Care Package

Barley and Nosebag's grandma lives in a care home, where it can get very lonely not being able to see family while they try to keep everyone safe and healthy. So Barley and Nosebag are putting a care package together to help grandma feel connected to family...


The Green Door Episode 6: No One Goes Hungry

Barley and Nosebag learn about food security and the strength of community supporting each other, with a visit to the Beeton Cupboard food bank on Second Harvest delivery day.


The Green Door Episode 7: But I Want to Play with My Friends!

Nosebag is having a difficult time keeping his distance. We join Nosebag and Barley as they try to navigate social relationships in this trying time. Spoiler alert - Nosebag and Barley are cheered by having pictures sent in from their friends, including some from our Fabulous Fridays creativity challenge! Send your pictures for Nosebag and Barley to!


The Green Door Episode 8: Play Time!

What to do when you are stuck at home? Join Barley and Nosebag as they wake up to a day full of play!


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