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The Green Door Episode 9: Fabulous Fridays to the Rescue!

The dog park is off limits. A miserable start to Barley's day - will things ever get any better? With a little help from Nosebag and Fabulous Fridays, there might be a chance.


The Green Door Episode 10: The Hatchery

Nosebag and Barley are in for a surprise - one that isn't breakfast!


The Green Door Episode 11: Big People Struggle, Too

All cooped up together, its hard to hide when you have a tough day. Jenni's struggle day gives Nosebag and Barley a chance to show how much they care.


The Green Door Episode 12: A Peaceful End to the Day

Dressing up nicely and lighting candles? Remedies to overcome a terribly tough day.


The Green Door Episode 13: Building a Box of Happiness

The sun is shining, and Nosebag and Barley are feeling good. It's the perfect day to put together a box of happiness! It might just give us something to turn to when the days feel hard...


The Green Door Episode 14: A Tribute to Those on the Front Lines

Barley and Nosebag have been hearing about hospitals - it's time for some real talk.


The Green Door Episode 15: Barley & Nosebag Learn to Clean Up Their Act

When the bathroom gets coloured, Nosebag and Barley find out it's not just Jenni who can clean it up.


The Green Door Episode 16: What? No Jam?

Jenni comes home with the groceries but without Jam - what can be done?


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