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The Green Door Episode 17: Barnaby Comes Knocking...

When their downtrodden friend comes with bad news, Barley and Nosebag find out its a good idea to check facts.


The Green Door Episode 18:Easter and Passover

Barley and Nosebag have questions about this week's festivities - and Father Paul is on hand to help them!


The Green Door Episode 19: Face masks and the Exterminator

Things are going a bit too far for Barley when Jenni introduces face masks. But with Nosebag and some toilet rolls, the exterminator does her best to save the day...


The Green Door Episode 20: Preparing for the chicks!

Won't be long now.... Barley, Nosebag and Jenni get things ready for the chicks.


The Green Door Episode 21: Behind the scenes of Fabulous Fridays

Barley and Nosebag go to the 'warehouse' to learn how community pulls together in support through these times.


The Green Door Episode 22: The Village and the Virus

Barley hasn't been sleeping well... perhaps the Model Village will help.

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The Green Door Episode 23: The Chicks Hatched!

Three weeks of waiting - and how thankful we are! The chicks have hatched and Barley and Nosebag are blown away.


The Green Door Episode 24: A chick named Heaven

Day 2 in the brooder: Who is Heaven, and how many chicks are there anyway?


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