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The Green Door Episode 33 : The Chicks Leave Home

It's that day we all knew was coming: nearly all of the chicks leave home - but who will get to stay? Special bonus feature today: "Welcome to our family of Chicks!!!", filmed, edited and featuring Sophie King.


The Green Door Episode 34: Tiny Gardens

How do gardens even start? Barley and Nosebag dig into the soil and hope that something will grow...


The Green Door Episode 35: Goodbye Benny

Nosebag and Barley's hearts are heavy. When they learn about the death of dear old Benny, they have big questions.


The Green Door Episode 36: Apple Cake Makes Everything Better

Some days we just need a little pick-me-up. Some days, we just need an home-made apple cake...


The Green Door Episode 37: Home Away From Home

Hungry for his own space, Nosebag makes a special den...


The Green Door Episode 38: Breakfast Smoothie with a Twist

Nosebag and Barley plan the perfect treat for Jenni on mothers day - a little treat, but one she is certain to like... isn't she?


The Green Door Episode 39: Sleepless Nights

Nosebag can't sleep - too many thoughts racing around his little head. We all need some gentle love at this time...


The Green Door Episode 40: Who is that I see?

The wind might be blowing but that doesn't stop Charles, David and Drake the Dragon from making a trip to The Green Door! Oh, it is good to see friends - even from a distance!


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