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With the rate of infection subsiding and essential services like schools returning to in person learning we will reinstate our 930 in person worship Eucharist as of February 27. We will continue to follow all of the ‘safe’ practices that have accompanied our Eucharist for the past year.

Our zoom service will continue at 11:00 am and on some occasions in

Holy Week we will use the hybrid model where we will zoom the live in person service happening in the Church.

We welcome you to join us in whatever way enables you to worship Our Lord.



Meeting ID: 594 268 086

Passcode: 848886

Dial in by phone: 647-374-4685

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St Michael's At A Glance

Sunday Worship - In Person

9:30 am - St Clair Ave entrance

Join us for worship in a modified service that is quiet, contemplative, and open to all who wish to attend

Sunday Worship - Zoom

11:00 am (Zoom link below & on Worship page)

For those who wish to join in worship, hymn singing, and fellowship from home

Sunday Worship - Church of the Resurrection

1:00 pm Filipino language service

Worship provided by the Church of the Resurrection in Tagalog

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

7:00-8:30 pm on Zoom (Link below)

Join fellow seekers in exploring the wisdom of the ancient Biblical text through weekly readings, casual conversation, and prayer.

Underground Cafe

Friday 10:00-11:30 am - Front lawn on St Clair Ave

Extending community one coffee at a time! This drop-in community meet-up provides refreshments and conversation

Beeton Cupboard Food Bank

Wednesday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Providing grocery items on a drop-in basis, no questions asked, no registration required. Access via Wychwood Ave (wooden gate)

In 1996, the Aboriginal Rights Coalition worked with Indigenous elders and teachers to develop an interactive way of learning the history most Canadians are never taught. The Blanket Exercise was the result; it has since been offered thousands of times and the fourth edition was released in 2016.

How it works

The Blanket Exercise is based on using Indigenous methodologies and the goal is to build understanding about our shared history as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada by walking through pre-contact, treaty-making, colonization and resistance. Everyone is actively involved as they step onto blankets that represent the land, and into the role of First Nations, Inuit and later Métis peoples. By engaging on an emotional and intellectual level, the Blanket Exercise effectively educates and increases empathy.


Where and how

The Blanket Exercise itself takes about an hour and should always be followed by a talking circle which often requires at least another hour. With youth, ninety minutes for both the Blanket Exercise and debrief is sometimes feasible.

Please note, we require that people undergo facilitator training before accessing the scripts. In addition, if you are non-Indigenous, please ensure you are working in partnership with Indigenous facilitators and Elders when using this teaching tool.

Want to know more?

Vist the KAIROS Blanket Exercise Website

Hosted by SMAA Sunday May 15th 

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On Saturday February 26th I got home after spending several hours outside participating in Coldest Night of the Year: an annual national sponsored walk that raises money for charities who work with people who are hungry, hurting or homeless. I'd been outdoors, walking and organizing for four hours and as I opened the door I realised just how tired, cold and hungry I was. I sat down on my very comfortable couch - my dog jumped up on my lap - my son was making dinner and I found myself thinking - aren't I fortunate? What's to say that my life might not be different - that I might not have a loving home to go to - that I might not have a meal to feed my hungry belly - that I might not have someone to care when the days are rough... Saturday - thousands of people across Canada joined Coldest Night of the Year, walking to fundraise for charities who are working directly with those who are not as fortunate as me. I was walking for St. Michael and All Angels.


St. Michael & All Angels was steadily plodding along in outreach  through a small one-room foodbank and a faithful weekly

out-of-the-cold program before Covid hit - but since March 2020, we have been called to become a focal point, safe space, community awareness champion. Because of the crippling effects of Covid for so many in the community - our work has

increased by over 300% (not a typo). So what do we do? 


1)The Beeton Cupboard foodbank (including clothing and household items - home-made baked goods...) 

2)The garden work (Including education, seedling giveaways, community gardening) 

3)Our non-faith based youth group (giving our youth a safe space to grow and recognize their worth...) 

4)A thriving volunteer network (over 40 people volunteer through the outreach work we do) 

5)Sunday out-of-the-cold lunches 

6)Family support outreach

7) The Underground Cafe - extending community one coffee at a time

8)A free CRA tax Clinic - helping those who have less keep what they have.

9) Upcoming workshops to support and educate those who are trying to break the cycle of poverty.


For those of you who have been able to walk, lead or donate to the work we do -

a HUGE thank you from all of us who work, volunteer, receive and/or find dignity through the outreach

work at St. Michaels. If you would like to donate or learn more about us and what we do -

please email us at


                                                  To learn more about Coldest Night of the Year visit

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Here we are Lord: Use us!

“Let’s go!” program engages youth in community building at St. Michael & All Angels


Not even the COVID-19 pandemic could stop the people of St. Michael and All Angels in Toronto’s

Wychwood-Hillcrest neighbourhood from connecting with their community. “We have carefully run

active outreach ministries since the

beginning of the pandemic with no cases of COVID-19 present,” says Jenni King-Feheley, Lay Pastor

and Director of Community Building and Spiritual Engagement.

Central to the church’s community ministries are the Beeton Cupboard Foodbank, the Out of the Cold

Sunday lunches, and The Underground Café that provides a safe inclusive space for up to 30 individuals

every Friday morning. King-Feheley explains that throughout the pandemic the church has focused on

building trust and assuring volunteers and program participants alike of firm safety measures.

The net result has been an increase in the favourable reputation of the church, and an increase in the

numbers of young people reaching out, asking to do volunteer work.

Enter the Let’s Go! program, for which St. Michael and All Angels received a 2021 Say Yes! to Kids grant from the Anglican Foundation of Canada. “Though the children and youth are not present at these outreach programs, we give them opportunities to bake cookies and cakes for the Sunday lunches, take an active role in the annual food drive, and get their hands dirty, addressing climate change & food security, by helping out in our community food garden.”

Launched this past November, Let’s Go! has expanded the church’s youth-oriented programs and includes the services of a part-time children and youth ministry coordinator who works alongside the growing youth volunteer network, now nearly 60 strong. King-Feheley says young people want to make a difference in their community, and Let’s Go! gives them practical opportunities to do that.

While St. Michael and All Angels is a church that is programmatically diverse, King-Feheley has some simple advice for those who are seeking to branch out into community and youth-focused ministries. “Start small. Begin where God puts you not where you want to be. Our role as a church is to ‘Love thy neighbour.’ God says: ‘Welcome the children’ and that’s what we’re doing. It begins with the ministry of presence with our eyes open saying, ‘Here I am Lord, use me.’”

Part of the church’s success in connecting with young people includes the community partnerships that have been fostered over the past four years. “We have a healthy relationship with two local schools, one scout movement and two Girl Guide programs, all of whom have invited us to come and speak about food security and have joined in various ways to help those most vulnerable in our community,” says King-Feheley.

To those churches that might feel anxious about attempting to partner with schools, King-Feheley says she can relate. “Five or six years ago I felt nervous, too. Reaching young people is challenging due to the decline in trust of the church universal and fears about what might be taught.” Her best advice is to “Trust that God will and does show us the way. And if we are going with a hidden agenda we shouldn’t go.”

St. Michael and All Angels is situated in Toronto’s St. Clair West corridor, between Bathurst and Oakwood. “We have many families who are financially very stable,” says King-Feheley, “and a large number who are on some form of governmental assistance. Even as we receive calls from families whose children would like to help us, we also receive calls from other families who do not know how to support their children through these difficult times.”

Thankfully, St. Michael and All Angels continues to strengthen community connections, for all concerned, impacting hundreds of lives for the better.

For more information about Say Yes! to Kids 2022 and how your parish can benefit from this nationwide peer-to-peer fundraising campaign visit Say Yes! to Kids – Anglican Foundation of Canada or email Michelle Hauser, AFC’s Development and Communications Consultant at


Jenni King-Feheley, Lay Pastor and Director of Community Building and Spiritual Engagement at St. Michael and All Angels in Toronto

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Concerning the exposure of the Kamloops Residential School mass grave

To read Pastor Jenni's address on Marieval Residential School from Sunday June 27, click HERE

This note was written in response to the exposure of the graves of Indigenous children at the Kamloops residential school in early June 2021. As these horrible discoveries and exposures of the truth of these schools continue to unfold, our statement is extended to include all Indigenous communities and families being impacted ongoing, including but not limited to the Cowessess Nation in Saskatchewan, who are grappling with the excavation of 751 unmarked graves at Marieval Residentail School. Our love, prayers, and deepest condolences are extended to all impacted.

Dear Community:

We at St Michael and All Angels Church want to acknowledge and speak from our hearts to the tragedy of discovering 215 Indigenous childrens' bodies in the ground of an Indian Residential School in Kamloops, BC. This tragedy, horror, and disgusting practice of negating the humanity of Indigenous people and children is sickening and heart breaking.

     We as a country and as a people cannot heal until we take responsibility for the harm that we as settlers have committed.

     The Anglican church was a participant in running residential schools. We have worked hard to acknowledge, learn of and make reparations borne out of our failure, but there is still work to be done.

     We pray for deep healing for the Indigenous community, for the community of Canada as a whole, for all those deeply affected by the news of this exposure, and for the grief and trauma caused by the residential school system.

     If you, like so many of us, are struggling with this news and how it impacts your faith and faith practices, or with having conversations about this with children or family, please feel free to reach out to us. Our clergy are available for pastoral care.

If you are Indigenous and in need of further support, there are also the following resources that may be helpful:

Indian Residential School Survivors Society:


24 hour crisis line: 1-866-925-4419

Please contact if you require emotional support or assistance

Anishnabe Health Toronto – 22 Vaughan Rd.

Office: 416-360-0486

Crisis line: 416-891-8606

First Nations, Métis & Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line | Canada-Wide
If you’re experiencing emotional distress and want to talk, call the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line: 1-855-242-3310. Available 24/7, Canada-wide. 

NWAC Elder Support Line | Canada-Wide
Available Monday-Friday 9AM-11AM EST & 1PM-3PM EST
Call 888-664-780

Talk4Healing - Telephone Helpline and On-line Chat Counselling Services  

Anishnawbe Health Toronto - Gerrard Street Site - Walk-In Counselling  
179 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON  M5A 2E5


More links to Indigenous mental health supports in the Toronto area are available here:

More information at:

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