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St Michael & All Angels Church

Serving the Wychwood-Hillcrest Community in Toronto since 1907

You are welcome here!



 Sunday service will use a hybrid model where we will Zoom the live in-person service happening in the Church.

We welcome you to join us in whatever way enables you to worship Our Lord.



Meeting ID: 594 268 086

Passcode: 848886

Dial in by phone: 647-374-4685

This link can be used for all Sunday worship services

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Today we are launching a new exciting series, “Angels of St. Mike’s”, where we highlight and talk to members of the parish and community about their experiences at St. Michael's and All Angels. Each and every conversation has been inspiring and thought provoking. We are honoured and so excited to share this legacy with you. Thank you Angels for sharing your story with everyone. Hope you’ll join us for the journey and come see for yourself.

We had a virtual interview with Valerie Brewster, the People's Warden of St.
Michael and All Angels. She helped us understand what brought her to St. Mike's; Valerie's unique perspective - from the interview style to the narration of her thought process of seeing the church for the first time - just goes to show you the lengths God will go to in bringing you to a place he has predestined for you and has set in your heart to find. There's going to be an exciting round of interviews coming up from so many different people every Friday! Glad to have you along for the ride!!

Today we share our conversation with Marny Gibson. We talked about her most memorable moment here at St. Michael & Angels. Marny plays a huge role in the outreach programs: she’s part of the Out of the Cold lunch leadership team and also leads the refugee program all here at St. Mike’s. Listen for her special message at the end 

Jenni King Feheley—Lay Pastor, Director of Community Building and Spiritual Engagement, sat with us to share her journey with St. Michael & All Angels and more 

Join us in celebrating a monumental milestone of love and faithfulness  Sixty years ago, Rob and Evelyn began their journey together right here at St. Michael and All Angels. Through 'Angels of St. Mike's,' we honor their enduring love and the transformative power of faith that has guided them every step of the way. Here's to one of the couples whose love story inspires us all. Happy 60th Anniversary, Rob and Evelyn!  

The man behind operations, front line at the Beeton Cupboard Food Bank —Caretaker of the Church, Ruben Caceres. He’s been at St. Michael’s for over 30 years. He has seen the place evolve and does not shy away letting us know how he feels.

Thank you for all you do and continue to do Ruben!

Heavenly Father,


We need your peace. We need your wisdom. We need your counsel. We need your counsel.


Today, we lift before you the terrible conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. We are a broken, hurting people. Bring everlasting peace we pray. 


We pray for our Jewish siblings. We pray for all scared and grieving mothers and fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers, communities. Persecuted for their identity, in need of a safe space to avoid persecution and hatred, they fled in their thousands to the Holy Land and once more, made it home; bring them peace. 


We pray for our Arab siblings; Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Lord, for thousands of years they have worshipped you in this land they call home; bring them peace.


We pray for our Israeli and Palestinian Christian siblings at this time; for the Anglican owned and operated al-Ahli Arab Hospital and staff in Gaza, for the humanitarian aid teams in both Israel and Palestine. 


And we pray for the ones who committed such heinous crimes; who killed your innocents; we pray that they may see your presence in the face of their neighbour and hear your call for peace and unity. 


With weeping hearts we pray that peace and justice may come from this time of hatred and fear. 

Lord, in your mercy, Hear our Prayer. 

St Michael's At A Glance

Sunday Worship - In Person & on Zoom! 

10:00 am - St Clair Ave entrance

Join us for worship in a modified service that is quiet, contemplative, and open to all who wish to attend

For those who wish to join remotely in worship, hymn singing, and fellowship from home through Zoom link above

Sunday Worship - Church of the Resurrection

1:00 pm Filipino language service

Worship provided by the Church of the Resurrection in Tagalog

Tuesday Evening Bible Fellowship (Study)

7:00-8:30 pm on Zoom (Link at top of page)

Join fellow seekers in exploring the wisdom of the ancient Biblical text through weekly readings, casual conversation, and prayer.

Underground Cafe

Friday 10:00-11:30 am - Front lawn on St Clair Ave

Extending community one coffee at a time! This drop-in community meet-up provides refreshments and conversation

Beeton Cupboard Food Bank 

Wednesday 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Providing grocery items on a drop-in basis, no questions asked, no registration required. Access via Wychwood Ave (wooden gate)

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