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Worship at
St. Michael & All Angels

Online Services on Zoom

How to Join Zoom Meetings:

For our 10:00 am Zoom service, you are invited to join the conversation at 10:45, when there will be an opportunity to greet each other before the service starts. The Prelude by Tony will signify the beginning of the service time. An opportunity for conversation will also happen after the service. Please note: We will be muting the participants during the service time.


Click HERE to join the Zoom meeting on your computer or smart phone

Meeting ID: 594 268 086      Password: 848886

If joining by phone: dial  647-374-4685

and enter the Meeting ID number when requested

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Weekly Services

New Service Times and Formats now being Offered:





Bible Study & Prayer

7:00 pm -  Zoom

A prayer service that incorporates biblical readings for the upcoming Sunday.

At this simple service, discussion is welcome!

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Past Sermons

June 27, 2021 Sunday Sermon Address from Pastor Jenni

How do we say it? We knew it was coming: further disclosure of the unmarked graves of Indigenous children at Residential Schools across Canada. 215 graves in Kamloops, now 751 in the Marieval Residential School in Saskatchewan. And we know this is not the final number. 

We have heard it be said, not all 751 will be children – maybe a handful will be staff who worked there - but oh my God – we, Canadian settlers, by our actions, our ignorance and our apathy have the blood of innocent children, and the devastating heartbreak and broken identity of thousands of children, families and communities, on our hands. Christ, have mercy. 

      Our Indigenous brothers, sisters and siblings have been telling us this for decades and we CHOSE NOT TO LISTEN. Authorities thinking our actions would lie silent in the ground along with the children. Ask any Indigenous person who is connected to their culture – the ancestors will not stay silent forever. Their voices and their message will be heard. And thanks be to God, they are being heard now. Siblings in Christ, do all you can to hear their voices, in your heart and in this country we have been proud to call home. 

      Last week I preached for National Indigenous World Day of Prayer. Many of you have reached out, with your heart ache, your considerations, and requests for a way to hear that sermon again – including the 1993 Apology from Archbishop Michael Peers on behalf of the Anglican Church. An Audio version of the sermon is on our website (the worship page) and also on our Facebook page. If you would like a paper copy, just ask.

      The time is tender. There is so much healing to happen in this country and in the hearts of so many. If you are feeling raw from this gutting revelation – know you are not alone. 

     Let us pray.

God almighty, creator of heaven and earth – of all that is seen and unseen, guide us forward as a people. Forgive our trespasses. Thank you for every single time that you received, and receive, one of your beloved Indigenous children in your arms. You brought them home when we discarded them as worthless. You heard their weeping, dried their tears when we caused them. You loved them when we as a country and in the name of YOUR church abused them. Christ, have mercy. Forgive us for soiling YOUR Church and your people. Make us strong in love for the days to come…  Amen.

To read the official text of Archibishop Michael Peers' 1993 apology on behalf of the Anglican Church, click HERE

Worship: Video

June 20, 2021 Sunday Sermon: Addressing the Heartache

Click HERE to listen to the sermon
Taking an honest look at Canada and the Church's history with our Indigenous siblings.

Sunday Sermon: God First, God Foremost

Lay pastor Jenni offers her sermon from Sunday October 25, 2020

Jan. 31, 2021  Candlemas Sunday Sermon "Finding God in the Temple"

Click HERE to listen to the sermon

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Messy Church


Third Sunday of Each Month

Are you a family/child/ care giver/ grandparent/young adult looking to find community and explore the journey of faith on a Sunday Afternoon? Join our 3 churches in our communal online Messy Church event - 3rd Sunday of Every Month! No former church experience/connections necessary!

Register by emailing

Co-hosted by St. Michael and All Angels & St Martins in the Field.

Zoom details will be made available after registration.

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Music at St Michaels

Pipe Organ

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth;
   break forth into joyous song and sing praises. Psalm 98:4 (NRSV)


Music at St. Michael and All Angels has always been a celebration of God’s gifts, love, and inspiration. A blend of traditional hymns and contemporary choruses and songs has an important role in the distinctive way we praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit during Sunday worship.

Led by Music Director Tony Mason, singers and soloists draw from a variety of styles including classical, gospel, jazz, and folk music from Africa, Europe, Central America, and the West Indies. Accompanists play our op. 2187 Casavant pipe organ, Heintzman grand piano, clarinet, violin, and guitar. 

Instrumental and vocal soloists are featured on Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve and Pentecost, among other special masses.

   Choir practice takes place in the sanctuary on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30 pm. All are welcome to attend and no audition is necessary.

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