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Ministry Team


Archdeacon A. Paul Feheley


      A Torontonian from birth, Paul graduated from St. Michael’s Choir School in 1971. His studies continued at the University of Toronto where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in 1975. In 1978 he graduated from Trinity College with a Master of Divinity (Honours) degree. His thesis was in communications. In 2017, the College awarded him an honorary doctorate.
      Paul was ordained a deacon in 1978 and as a priest in 1979. He has served many parishes and committees in the Diocese of Toronto and represented the Diocese at the Provincial and General Synod level and was named an Archdeacon in March, 2004.
      From September 2004 - April 2020, he was the Principal Secretary to the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada. He has been seconded by the Anglican Communion a variety of times to serve the communication needs at the Lambeth Conference, Primates’ meetings and Anglican Consultative Council gatherings. Paul is currently the Partnership Officer for the Middle East for The Episcopal Church (USA), and the National Director of The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer.
      He is happily married to Jenni and has two younger children, Adrian and Sophie, two older sons, Kevin and Bryan, two wonderful daughter-in laws Charlotte and Courtney, and one grandson Rhys.


Jenni Feheley

Lay Pastor, Director of Community Building & Spiritual Engagement

      Jenni King Feheley is thrilled to be the Lay Pastor for St. Michael and All Angels. With a background that includes storytelling, teaching, café ownership and finding the joy in God’s wonderful world, it is no small wonder that Jenni promotes community through the love of all God's children wherever she goes. Step into the Underground Café on a Friday morning to see what that looks like!

      Passionate about Christ and the promise he offers to all, and a graduate of Trinity College with an MDiv. Hons, Jenni promotes Bible Explorations, pastoral care and honest, thoughtful conversations with those around her.

      In addition to being married to Paul, Jenni is a lay representative for area council, and mother of two wonderful human beings. She keeps her eyes and ears open to the concerns and successes of the world around and looks forward to the opportunity to get to know you! 

Father Wilner Dangawen

Associate Priest, Church of the Resurrection

Tony Mason

Music Director & Organist

      Organist Tony Mason has cultivated his passion for sacred music for more than twenty years, combining traditional choral and organ repertoire with progressive contemporary material at a number of churches and denominations in Canada and the United States, including soloists and choirs at Faith Presbyterian Community Church and Westview Presbyterian Church in East York, the youth choir at First Congregational Church in Ottawa, Illinois, and soloists with the Parks Family in New York City.
      Mr. Mason holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois, Associateship diplomas in organ and piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and an Associateship diploma from the Royal Canadian College of Organists.
      He feels it is an honour and privilege to be a part of the St. Michael and All Angels family and worship team, accompanying gifted singers from many backgrounds and experiences.


Valerie Brewster

People's Warden

A little about me: I love watching all sports and will ignore phone calls and most emergencies in order to watch uninterrupted while cheering, screaming and hollering at the top of my lungs. My favorite teams for whom I have remained loyal for decades: Les Canadiens de Montreal, Montreal Expos, Boston Red Sox, LA Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, Duke Blue Devils NCAA Men's Basketball, The Triple Crown, Brasil's Nat'l Futbol Team, Euro Team Portugal, & Team Italy. I am also a finicky eater, no Liver please, just feed me candy. Favorite dog: Labradors. Favorite pastime: relaxing & listening to my podcast while I peruse the aisles of the supermarkets. What gets me through the days: my love of God and for my Mom, my Sister, my Sweetheart, and my SMAA family.


Dennis Joyes

Property Warden

Dennis grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in Montana, USA. He holds a post-graduate degree in archaeology and served as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Honduras where he worked in both agricultural development and refugee camps. He has traveled widely in Europe, Africa and South America, and continues to work with the Nature Conservancy in establishing nature reserves and protected areas. His interests include both the restoration of natural habitats and the preservation of historical buildings.


Sanjeev Pullenayegum

Rector's Warden

I am excited to start serving as a warden, but also quite nervous. Almost like I'm stepping in to the shoes of giants, pretending the shoes fit and hoping no one notices. There's a great, hard-working team in place so I know with patience and God's help it will work out. I am quite active outdoors. Before the pandemic I had a sport for every season, but now I restrict myself to solitary ones like biking and kayaking. Like many others, I've struggled with this pandemic. Not being able to gather in person as a family has been the hardest of all. Many people and activities have helped me cope. To name just a few: God's love, my SMAA family, watching comedies, finding a solitary, peaceful moment in my day and serving others at The Out of the Cold lunch program.

Children and Youth Pastor

Ashley Blackburn

Office Manager

Alexandra Gill

Building Supervisor and Events Manager

Ruben Caceres

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