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Children & Youth Ministry

St. Michael & All Angels Church offers a range of children and youth faith programs that

encourage and assist in faith development.

Messy Church Welcoming families and individuals to explore the biblical story in a relaxed community-style setting, on the first Sunday of the month 4:30-6:30 pm. Dinner included. Click HERE for details

Sunday School is offered at the 11:00 am Sunday service and 1:30 pm Church of the Resurrection Filipino service.

Children & Youth Ministry: Text
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St Michael's Youth Group:
Fantastic Friends in Faith

Engaging children through arts, activities, bible stories & conversation

Our junior youth program Fantastic Friends in Faith, for children ages 9-12, provides space for discussion, exploration, and asking questions. Each week, children explore a different passage, theme, or person from the bible using hands-on activities, such as drama, baking, arts and crafts.


The children's biggest event last year was deciding to plan and host a Christmas Party for the community.

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Fabulous Fridays

Fabulous Fridays are back! This summer 2021 for the month of July, we will be delivering a weekly Fabulous Fridays Arts & Crafts Challenge, sponsored by St Michael's Children & Youth Ministry Programs. Get an activity kit and snacks delivered each week and have fun, play, talk, and get crafty - together! Register by June 30 to receive a month of fun!

No fee required - donations are welcomed but not expected. Open to all ages!             

Share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #fabfridaysjuly !

Follow @stmichaelonstclair

From our 2020 pilot program:

What an adventure Fabulous Fridays has been for Spring 2020! With 650 packages delivered in the neighbourhood since starting in April, we've been on a mission to bring arts and activities to children and families dealing with the Covid shutdown at home with the challenge to "create something out of nothing". It's been great fun, and we've now wrapped up for the summer. Thanks to everyone who participated! We hope you enjoyed your creativity packages!

Children & Youth Ministry: About
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The Green Door Web Series

It's an exciting (and confusing, and scary, and wonderful) time to be alive! With everything that's going on in the community and wider world today, our kids and parents sometimes need creative and fun ways to make sense of it all.

Our web-series The Green Door introduces you to our resident puppets, Barley the dog and Nosebag the dragon, and follows them on their adventures in over 60 episodes! What do these two friends get up to? Gardening, arts and crafts, creating a personal box of happiness, farming inside (yes, that's right!), hatching chicks in the hatchery, baking... and dealing with the everyday things we're experiencing apart but together during the coronavirus: staying connected to grandparents in care homes, to our friends in separate households, having parents working from home, and what to do when it's just too much time together! They also make visits to the Beeton Cupboard food bank, the Beeton Garden, and go behind the scenes of Fabulous Fridays! All this and more is explored alongside lay pastor Jenni on our Youtube Channel.

Children & Youth Ministry: About

Here are some of our favourite episodes:

The Green Door Episode 5: Grandma's Care Package

Barley and Nosebag's grandma lives in a care home, where it can get very lonely not being able to see family while they try to keep everyone safe and healthy. So Barley and Nosebag are putting a care package together to help grandma feel connected to family...

The Green Door Episode 11: Big People Struggle, Too

All cooped up together, its hard to hide when you have a tough day. Jenni's struggle day gives Nosebag and Barley a chance to show how much they care.

The Green Door Episode 13: Building a Box of Happiness

The sun is shining, and Nosebag and Barley are feeling good. It's the perfect day to put together a box of happiness! It might just give us something to turn to when the days feel hard...

The Green Door Episode 25: Too Much Time Together

Family time can sometimes be too much. In this episode, Barley and Nosebag find out the importance of alone time.

Visit our YouTube channel for more episodes and hijinks!

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