Children & Youth Ministry

St. Michael & All Angels Church offers a range of children and youth faith programs that

encourage and assist in faith development.

Messy Church Welcoming families and individuals to explore the biblical story in a relaxed community-style setting, on the first Sunday of the month 4:30-6:30 pm. Dinner included. Click HERE for details

Sunday School is offered at the 11:00 am Sunday service and 1:30 pm Church of the Resurrection Filipino service.


St Michael's Youth Group

Engaging children through arts, activities, bible stories & conversation

NEW  Our Friday afternoon Youth Group ("Fantastic Friends in Faith" as dubbed by the kids) is now meeting on Zoom. For privacy considerations, Zoom login information will only be provided to those who register via email at

Our flagship program St Michael's Youth Group provides space for discussion, exploration, and asking questions. Each week, children explore a different passage, theme, or person from the bible using hands-on activities, such as drama, baking, arts and crafts.

The children's biggest event this year was deciding to plan and host a Christmas Party for the community.

Fabulous Fridays & The Green Door

For weekly activities, ideas, and fun, our Fabulous Fridays creativity challenge delivers arts and crafts packages to homes in the neighbourhood to support children and families using creativity through this challenging time.

You might also see some of these creativity challenges pop up in episodes of our new web series The Green Door! Our resident puppets, Barley and Nosebag (frequent visitors to Fabulous Fridays when it was happening in the church), have a new episode each weekday. Each episode, they explore the challenges of staying at home during covid-19, and find creative ways to make the best of it. Follow along on The Green Door page.



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